Manning Region Annual Metal & Bulky Waste Collection

Greater Taree Annual Metal and Bulky Waste Collection




Collections will take place on the following dates:

  • Great Lakes region – from Monday 30 April – 8 June
  • Manning region – from Monday 18 June – 27 July
  • Gloucester region – from Monday 6 August (dates currently being finalised)

Each region is split into pick-up zones, so please check the schedule to find out when we’ll be in your zone, and when to place your waste piles on the kerbside for collection. Please do not place your waste out earlier than indicated on the schedule, as this is classed as illegal dumping and you could be fined.

Manning residents:

View the schedule by pick-up zone(PDF, 128KB), including when to place your waste out for collection

Download the brochure(PDF, 1MB), which includes guidelines for preparing your waste for collection, and what items will be accepted

Detailed information can be found at Midcoast Council


For further information please contact:
Midcoast Waste Customer Service
1300 290 763