Community Grant 2017

Midcoast Waste ServicesĀ are committed to building engaged and educated communities, working together we can ensure our waste and overall sustainability practices are improved. Currently MidCoast Waste Services is working within schools and community groups, offering presentations and tours free of charge to educate residents on waste management in our area.

To increase community involvement, Midcoast Waste Services is proud to announce the first annual round of community grants. These community grants are designed to support those who are making an effort to improve waste management. The grant is open to all community and school groups (early learning, primary and high school) in the MidCoast local government area and is aimed at increasing participation in not only waste management but sustainability in general.

Total grant pool is $6,000, funding will be allocated to a minimum of 3 successful submissions, therefore a maximum submission of $2000 will be accepted.

All grant must be submitted by 30th June 2017 to [email protected]

For more information please contact the JR Richards & Sons Education Officer on (02) 6539 7073

Download the guidelines here