Organics Information

Green Bin for OrganicsA garden organics service is provided for those residents living in town, villages and rural-residential estates.

This service allows residents to divert garden waste from around the home away from landfill reducing the production of the greenhouse gas, methane.

The recovered garden waste will be processed into high grade compost or mulch which will then be used as a soil conditioner.

Garden Organics are collected fortnightly in the 240 Litre Green lidded Bin.

What goes in your Garden Organics Bin?

Only these items should be placed in your Garden Organics Bin:


Grass Clippings and Leaves

Grass Clippings & Leaves

Flowers and Offcuts

Flowers & Offcuts

Prunings, Twigs and Branches

Prunings, Twigs & Branches

Dry Leaves and Prunings

Dry Leaves & Prunings

Fresh Leaves and Prunings

Fresh Leaves & Prunings

These items should never be placed in your Garden Organics Bin:


 Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags



Building Materials

Building Materials

Syringes and Medical Waste

Syringes & Medical Waste

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials

Food Waste

Food Waste



Small Metal Items and Old Tools

Small Metal Items & Old Tools

Clothing, Shoes and Bedding

Clothing, Shoes & Bedding

Machinery and Auto Parts

Machinery & Auto Parts

Oils, Paints and Chemicals

Oils, Paints & Chemicals

Cling Wrap, Packets, Bubble Wrap

Cling & Bubble Wrap, Packets

Conditions of Garden Organics Collection

  • Please do not place tree prunings more than 15cm diameter in your bin
  • Your bin must not weigh more than 75 kilograms
  • Please do not place garden organics in plastic bags
  • Placing twigs and small branches at the bottom of your bin will help in emptying
  • Garden organics bins will not be emptied unless the lid is fully closed

An ongoing garden organics bin inspection program will take place to ensure only garden organics are placed in the correct bin.

Collection vehicles are fitted with colour cameras to check the bin contents every time it is emptied. Residents who continually place incorrect items in the organics bin may have their bin removed.

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