Competition/Bin Inspections

We are all doing an amazing job at recycling in the Midcoast area, with our 2017 kerbside waste audit finding just over 15% contamination in our yellow bins. However, almost 10% of our red bins still include recyclable items, which is a massive loss of resources – over 1,400 tonnes annually. This may not seem much but it is equates to 370 truckloads going to landfill each year.

That’s 30 full trucks every month, of every year!

To assist us in reducing this loss of resources, our Education Officer will be selecting 100 houses each month to survey, and offering those you do the right thing the chance to win.

We will be inspecting all presented bins in the monthly target area, and if you are one of our Recycling Champions who keep your yellow/green bin free of contamination, and keep your recyclables out of your red bin – you’ll go into the monthly draw to win $100 gift card. *As not all residents receive rates notices – you will need to phone in your name & contact number to validate your entry.

All presented bins will be inspected by a simple lift of the lid to check its contents, staff will not be rummaging through the rubbish or empting the contents for auditing. If your bins are inspected, the Education Officer will leave a calling card in your mail box confirming we’ve been, and letting you know whether you’ve been entered into the monthly prize draw.

Common waste products found incorrectly placed in the Yellow bin are coffee cups, nappies, ropes, hoses, leads, and timber, clothing and machinery items. Some can be recycled at your community recycling centre, but they are unsuitable for our machinery. And please don’t bag your recyclables, we don’t have time to open them for you.

And you may be surprised to know items such as empty aerosol cans, and long life milk containers, and poppers (liquid paperboard), but are welcome in our Yellow bin.

You can find a complete listing of What Goes Where here

Winners list

  • February – Colin H, Taree
  • March – John D, Bulahdelah
  • May – Forster,